Fredericia Kommune – Badesneglen / Havfruefløjterne

The idea of using steel pipes that was laser cut came relatively late in the project phase, which meant that a fast delivery would be at a reasonable price - Hosta Industries could stand for this.

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Our expertise, our customer’s savings

With the help of process optimizations, the welding time of the customer's construction used in agriculture was reduced by 46%.

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Storage solution and correlation with forecasts

Toyota Material Handling, which manufactures various lifting equipment, has entered into an agreement that gives them the assurance that they can adjust their needs continuously and they achieve 100% delivery security on forcast items.

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Mutually beneficial framework agreement

JKF A/S - a Danish company that manufactures and sells components for process ventilation plants - needed to outsource parts of their production to a subcontractor to ensure capacity in own production for increased growth.

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Customer-defined packing in kits

BEUMER Group A/S, which produces logistics solutions worldwide, minimizes inventory and time consuming by Hosta Industries producing and packing in custom kits to the customers assembly sites.

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From design to the end customer

With advice on the design of their product and a solution that includes packing and labeling ready for delivery, the furniture manufacturer achieved a consistent quality and short delivery time.

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Second source of turret punching

The customer who manufactures process, handling and storage equipment needed a second source on revolver punching at peak times.

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Great savings from using other technology

The customer who produces office furniture achieved 40% savings using other technology.

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One piece flow ensures fast delivery

Hosta Industries' handling of the entire value chain for the customer that produces professional cleaning equipment, means short delivery time with a low inventory and a product with a lower price and higher quality.

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Insight into technology and use of capacity

The customer was able to solve his capacity needs while gaining insight into the quality and output of the machine they intended to buy.

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Flexibility and fast delivery

In case of acute power failure, the customer found the solution of additional machine capacity on our plate laser..

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Seasonal adjustment of laser tube cutting

The customer had demand for fast response and large capacity within the larger profiles associated with seasonal bustle.

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