Supply Chain Services

When you choose Hosta Industries as your partner, we offer various supply chain services, which help optimise your supply chain. Among other things, we can offer technical production advice and extensive professional expertise in design for manufacturing. This means that we support your design department with our core competencies and combine the latest knowledge with over 40 years of experience. This way, together we ensure that your product is matured for production at the right time and that we achieve a production-optimised and competitive workpiece.

Our services also include delivery of finished workpieces that fit exactly into your further processing. The workpieces are packed and labelled, ready for processing or assembly at your premises or for the shelf in the store.

Your needs are the focal point, and our deliveries are therefore adapted to your internal product handling and system deliveries.

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Hosta Industries has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing. We make that experience available to you by offering assistance and support to customers who have a product in need of optimization for production. In the design for manufacturing, there are many aspects to consider, and it is our experience that collaboration on this can be both cost reducing and increase the quality of the product for the customer.

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By working with some of Denmark’s leading surface treatment providers, our supply chain services ensure that you, the customer, receive the finished product you need. We help find the right coating for your product, safeguard the process and quality and ensure that the product is ready for assembly, packaging and shipping to you as a customer or to the end user.

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Hosta Industries offers the assembly of both simple and more complex solutions. We solve your assembly task with attention to detail, high quality and with great professionalism – and deliver on time. This might be both the assembly of individual parts or several components.

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We focus on the overall solution, and therefore we also offer packing of your products. If you have special needs and requirements for packing in kits or packing of products supplied to various assembly points or the end customer, we can help with that.

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We have years of experience with just-in-time deliveries to customers. By using us as a partner, it is possible to organise internal processes so that your stock level is minimised.

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