Tube machining

Hosta Industries’ workshop is no ordinary workshop. It is where technology and innovation come together! It is here that we tackle even the most complex tube and pipe processing assignments – using our highly advanced machinery. We are proud to be able to offer customers our efficient production methods, and we guarantee that our dedicated staff are always on hand to offer their unique skills and expert knowledge in tube and pipe processing.

Our expertise covers a wide array of tube and pipe types, including metal, steel, aluminium and stainless tubes and pipes. Whether it is u-profile, c-profile or angle steel you need, we at Hosta Industries have the necessary resources and know-how to handle tubes/pipes of all sizes and deliver results of exceptional quality.

We always endeavour to create the optimal solution for each assignment, together with the customer. You can be sure that whether it is precise tube bending or precision tube cutting using our advanced laser cutting technology, we deliver excellent results – quickly, safely and efficiently and with full focus on quality.

We are always attentive to special wishes and needs, so please contact us if you want to hear more about the possibilities. And if you need a second source for the products you manufacture yourselves, we can also help you with that. We have extensive experience with and understanding of the critical elements that are important for a product, and we are happy to share our expertise with you.

You might also want to read more about our expertise in plate working. Our capacities and skills extend to this area, too, and we would be happy to tell you about what we can offer in this discipline.

We look forward to working with you to come up with a solution that meets your exact needs in both tube and pipe processing and sheet metal working.

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We have mastered advanced tube bending, which offers new possibilities in shape and design. We perform tube bending in small and large batch sizes. At Hosta Industries, we can bend everything from simple to complex tubes with high demands on the finish.

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Laser cutting of tubes is an incredibly effective method for tube cutting. The cut result is fantastic and provides the possibility to produce workpieces with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The workpieces will have sharp corners and minimal thermal impact. We can cut tubes from materials such as black steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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