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Latest knowledge and experience

We base our steel processing work on the latest knowledge and technologies, which we combine with more than 45 years of experience and stability. With us, your order is always a priority, because we do not produce and sell our own productions, but are 100% dedicated subcontractors to our customers.
We know how important it is to observe delivery, quality and environmental requirements, and these are always parameters we go above and beyond to meet. Therefore, we are not afraid to say that we offer the best quality in steel processing, including laser cutting, edge bending, welding, CNC machining, tube cutting and more. We use our strong skills and experience in steel to optimise your production and can assist with technical advice, assembly and packaging throughout the entire value chain, directly to your end customer. All productions and tasks are performed in our own production facilities in Hjallerup in North Jutland.

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Our technology, your product


We make our technology available in the development of your product.
Our machinery includes the latest technologies and robots.


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