3D measurement

At Hosta Industries, quality is an important factor and a constant focus. We invested in a measuring machine – the ZEISS Accura – for 3D item measurements, allowing us to follow up and document that the produced quality is consistent with what the drawings require and you, the customer, expect. Product requirements are getting higher and higher, and tolerances lower and lower, and we know that both you, the customer, and we must be able to meet these requirements. 3D measurement is incredibly efficient, especially for CNC machining, including CNC turning and milling of metal. With the measuring machine, we can offer and ensure highly accurate measurement results even on the most complex workpieces, so they meet the high requirements for precision, tolerances and safety. We offer measurement reports and 3D documentation to ensure that your products meet the required quality and critical safety points that the specific product is required to comply with. We offer 3D measurement with test reports on everything from prototypes to parts for series production. Through the documented quality assurance, we can typically save you a lot of money in your own quality department. This will often allow critical and costly components to be delivered directly from us to your task or end customer. We are able to perform 3D measurement of materials such as black steel, stainless steel and aluminium. If you are interested in measurement of other materials, feel free to contact us and we can explore the possibilities. Read more about our quality certifications.


– 3D measurement with ZEISS Accura, when performance and precision are your top priorities.

  Measuring range: 1600x3000x1000 Items up to: 4000 kg. Travelling speed: 345 m/s   For the ZEISS ACCURA measuring machine, we use VAST gold, which ensures an even faster calibration, scanning and increased accuracy.   ZEISS VAST gold Max stylus length: 800mm Max stylus weight: 600g. Multi-point Active scanning Navigator


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