CNC machining

Our CNC machining department is a complement to our other services. Machining workpieces such as threading, drilling and other customised machining is often a minor part of a finished workpiece. Therefore, the CNC department is important and enables Hosta Industries to offer their customers a complete product from a single supplier, and with short delivery times.

At Hosta Industries, our CNC department offers CNC turning and CNC milling, among other things.
For larger series, we have the ability to automate CNC milling by performing the production in our robot cell. In addition, our CNC department also allows for manual machining of parts in high quality.

You can read more about CNC machining at Hosta Industries below, or contact us if you want to hear more about your options.

CNC turning is one of the reasons why Hosta Industries can be a complete supplier. Among other things, our machine can process surfaces on round objects, as it is equipped with rotating tools. The machine is ideal for batch sizes of 50 to 1000 units and ensures a strong and flexible supply chain.

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We understand that our customers have specific needs – therefore, we offer CNC milling. If you need thread cutting, drilling of small holes, or holes with tight tolerances, we can perform that using CNC milling

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At Hosta Industries, we offer tool manufacture for mechanical and hydraulic presses with great experience and know-how. Our specialist knowledge and skilled toolmakers ensure that the tool manufacture is optimised for your requirements for the workpiece’s design, and in relation to the production quantity you need.

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