CNC milling

We see a need for tight tolerances in plate and tube machining, and this makes a subsequent CNC machining optimal. If you need threading, drilling of little holes, or holes with tight tolerances, we can offer it through CNC milling. CNC milling is a process involving chip removal, wherein the workpiece is stationary as opposed to turning, where the workpiece rotates.

Our efficient machines have the capacity for large workpieces in smaller series, as well as smaller workpieces in higher volumes. For larger series, we have the ability to automate CNC milling by performing the production in our robot cell. We use quick release on our pallet milling machines, which results in a very quick changeover.

We can perform CNC milling in materials such as black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and plastic materials. Contact us for advice on the optimum process for your production – we are ready to help you.

We have installed a new HAAS VF5 vertical milling machine with a 4th shaft, which contributes to increased sales in our CNC department. The new CNC milling machine covers the need for machining of large workpieces and several workpieces mounted at once. With a working area of ​​1524 x 660 x 635 and a more powerful machine, this gives entirely new possibilities in chip removal and complete deliveries to you as a customer.

The latest investment brings the CNC chip removal machinery up to four milling machines and one lathe.

Also explore the option of CNC turning.

CNC milling machine

Machine list

Name & Workingarea

Haas (VM3) – X 1016mm / Y 660mm
Haas (MDC-500) – X 508mm / Y 356mm
Haas (MDC-500 med robot) – X 508mm / Y 356mm
Robot – Kawasaki (RS06L R-Series) – X 1650mm / Y 2982mm
Haas ( VF-5 XT) – X 1524mm / Y 660mm

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