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At Hosta Industries, we understand that our customers have specific needs. Therefore, you will always benefit from our skills when we collaborate on your product. In product development, in particular, it can be useful to have a partner with experience and technical knowledge.

Product development can be a challenge because the designer should preferably have all the processes in mind when the first lines are drawn. To achieve a design that benefits the product characteristics, process safety and competitiveness, it requires immense knowledge about the product, the manufacturing processes and the process flow. Very small details might make the difference between whether a design is process safe and competitive or not. Keeping abreast of the latest manufacturing processes requires great effort – but it is something we are more than happy to do at Hosta Industries to remain the preferred supplier for our customers.

Sparring and advice

Hosta Industries has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing. We make that experience available when we offer technical advice and support to customers who have a product which needs optimisation for production. We know the many aspects to be taken into account in the design for manufacturing, and it is our experience that our skills can be advantageous in the development of your product in this process.

Please contact us and find out how we can help make your product competitive in relation to your needs.

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Our expertise, our customer’s savings


By means of process optimisation, the welding time on the customer’s design, which is used in agriculture, was reduced by 46%.


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