The increased quality demands of today mean that welds require great expertise and know-how, something which Hosta Industries has acquired and continues to develop. Therefore, today our welding department is one of the cornerstones of our company.

Our welding department can handle large and small workpieces and have ergonomic booths for smaller workpieces which require a large output, and booths with crane capacity for hassle-free handling of heavy workpieces.

We weld most materials, but should you have special requests, feel free to contact us – we are happy to take on a challenge.

Welding is a matter of trust

When it comes to welding, in reality, all jobs are equally important, but there are differences to the requirements which must be met for the individual job. Some welding jobs make special demands on durability and meticulous precision. Through our years of experience, we have accumulated tremendous knowledge and competence in welding, which means that we actually approach all welding jobs with the same uncompromising quality requirements: Our welds must be of the best quality in existence. And they are. Every single day.

At Hosta Industries, robotic welding is done with the well-known CO2 welding type, typically on black steel workpieces. Robotic welding is a good option for automation of the welding process. Robotic welding is much more effective than manual welding, and we achieve a high uniformity and a very large output. We can be highly competitive with robotic welding regarding quality, price and speed”.

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Black steel welding by CMT or CO2 welding, as it is known colloquially, is a process where Hosta Industries has a large capacity. TIG, MIG/MAG, spot and stud welding are available. We have obtained certifications in the various types of welding, as we understand that quality has to be top notch.

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At Hosta Industries, we have our own department for welding stainless steel. This gives us high capabilities in handling your stainless steel product. We are always in contact with our suppliers to ensure that your stainless steel workpieces are of the highest possible quality. We always strive to optimise processes as much as possible – also for welding stainless steel.

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We understand the importance of a high-quality weld and have great expertise and know-how in aluminium welding. We have worked with aluminium welding for many years, and possess the technical experience and knowledge needed to achieve a satisfying result in terms of both quality and appearance.

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