Welding aluminium

We know that achieving a satisfying result in terms of quality and looks when welding aluminium requires great expertise and know-how. We have employees who, over the years, accumulated rich experience in welding aluminium, and are therefore able to advise you based on the best of backgrounds. Regardless of the customer-specific requirements we encounter, we are ready to do an excellent job in high quality.

In order to deliver a satisfactory product to you as a customer, we focus on proper handling and high quality in the welding of the workpieces.

Our staff is certified in the standard weld types, which helps ensure a secure and durable welding of your workpieces.

For welding aluminium, Hosta Industries offers MIG/MAG welding and TIG welding. Please contact us for more information about which method is best suited for your product.

You can also read more about the options of welding stainless steel and black steel.

MIG/MAG welding is commonly referred to as CO2 welding and is one of the most common welding methods in the iron and steel industry.

MIG/MAG welding are welding processes with inert gas and active gas. The gas used for shielding during the weld determines which term is used. During the weld, a wire is continuously added, which helps fuse the materials together.

MIG welding is typically used for stainless steel, aluminium and other metals which require an inert gas, whereas the MAG welding is used in steel materials with CO2. Hosta Industries can weld all weldable materials with MIG/MAG welding.

TIG welding, also known as Tungsten Inert Gas, is used in many contexts for various kinds of thin materials. It is a welding method which is extremely efficient and flexible.

This type of welding is characterised by high precision and results in a consistently high quality, as spatters during welding do not, or almost do not, occur, and the weld appears smaller.

For TIG welding, we are able to weld with or without filler wire.

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