Sheet and plate work

Sheet and plate work is one of the core competences at Hosta Industries, and we perform all kinds of sheet and plate work, from laser cutting of sheets and plates to punching, bending and welding.

We produce everything – from large batches to individual parts and from shearing and laser cutting to bending and welding. We cover a broad spectrum and produce for many different sectors and industries.

Our setup is flexible, precise and quickly reconfigured to fit the exact job to be performed. With high-tech machinery and a large capacity, we are a reliable and efficient partner and subcontractor.

In collaboration with the customer, we choose the right solution, whether this is turret punching or laser cutting, and we deliver on time and in high quality.

Hosta Industries manufactures parts in all shapes and forms. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Also explore options for tube machining.

Hosta Industries has many years of experience in delivering laser-cut workpieces and keeps a large and updated selection of machinery for both this and other purposes. We cut and process all types of sheet metal parts and have a large stock of sheets in a variety of steel qualities. This results in fast turnaround times and short delivery times. Scratches and uneven cut surfaces are avoided by laser cutting, as the process is flexible and performed without contact.

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Hosta Industries offers bending, robotic bending and eccentric pressing, allowing you the bending process which best suits your workpieces. We handle both large and difficult-to-handle workpieces, as well as workpieces down to matchbox size. There are many options, and the process is flexible, allowing us to produce your workpieces at a competitive price using varying degrees of automation – regardless of amount, size and complexity.

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Punching is often cheaper at high volumes, as this is where optimisation of the process becomes interesting. At Hosta Industries, we have a punching line with options ranging from manual punching to fully automated processes, providing high output and low unit costs. That way, we can punch in complete accordance with the customer’s needs and requirements.
Today, we can offer a wealth of options in turret punching, automated punching and eccentric punching.

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Deburring is often an important part of the parts machining process to ensure a better finish, smoother surfaces and greater durability. Not many people are aware of the significance of the process, and therefore we offer our expertise and knowledge in this area to ensure the best result for our customers.

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