Bending in fixed tools, both manually and with robots, is a highly competitive process, as it allows you to perform multiple bends at once. At Hosta Industries, we are able to build high quality bending tools at a competitive price, thus ensuring that your workpieces are produced with the lowest possible unit cost.

We have a wide range of bending machines with different strengths and are able to bend conventional materials such as black steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Depending on the workpiece’s design complexity and the desired output, our staff is trained to choose the right bending process for your specific workpiece.

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Edge bending is done by placing the sheet or plate to be bent between the two tools, and it is bent with great pressure. We can perform this process with high quality in both small and large series. With our edge bending machines, we achieve extreme precision and consistency.

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With robotic bending, a great degree of uniformity, low unit costs and a high output is achieved. Our bending cell, with a Hämmerle edge press, is one of the reasons that these benefits can be achieved.

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Eccentric bending distinguishes itself by a very low machine cost while you achieve a high output and a high degree of uniformity, as it uses fixed tools for the process. We also have the option to produce at low labour costs, as this is an automated robotic solution for a press (Universal Robots).

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