Edge bending

At Hosta Industries, we have substantial expertise in edge bending or edge pressing, as it is also called.

Edge bending is carried out by pushing a top tool, shaped like a wedge, down against a bottom tool, shaped as a V. The sheet or plate to be bent is placed between the two tools, and is then bent under great pressure.

For this process, we use, amongst others, the Hämmerle machine, the world’s best edge bending machine in its field. It uses the unique and patented three-point bending method that, with the right material, allows an extreme degree of repeatability; even below +/- 0.25 degrees. The bending system means that you can virtually eliminate spring-back. Furthermore, any variations in material thickness have been taken into account – not only over time but also for the individual workpiece.

The more traditional edge bending machines, which we have, also offer great benefits. Among others, we have 2 Trumpf 7036, characterised by high precision and a very high output. The machines are electric and ergonomic, allowing the employee to sit comfortably while producing. The work environment and safety is in constant focus for us.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact one of our competent employees to learn more about bending.

We also offer eccentric bending and robotic bending as alternative solutions for bending.

Machine list

At Hosta Industries, we have five edge bending machines which are operated manually. Read more about the models and their limitations here:

ByStronic Hämmerle 3P 225
Maximum bending length: 3100 mm
Tonnage: 2250 kN
Maximum stroke length: 400 mm
2 Beyerle PR8 & PR150
Maximum bending length: 3100 mm
Tonnage: 1500 kN
Maximum stroke length: 515 mm
2 Trubend 7036
Maximum bending length: 1020 mm
Tonnage: 360 kN
Maximum stroke length: 120 mm

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