Eccentric bending

The eccentric press is characterised by a very low machine cost while achieving a high output and high uniformity because it uses fixed tools in the process. By means of eccentric and hydraulic presses, we produce both simple and complex workpieces. Here, there is also the option of, among other things, performing multiple bends at once.

These specifications make the process an incredibly efficient and competitive bending method. By being able to perform multiple bends at once, the time consumption and the unit price is lower, and the workpiece is handled fewer times.

We also have the option to produce with low labour costs, since, depending on the workpiece, it is possible to choose an efficient, automated robotic solution for a press (Universal Robots), ensuring that your product will be more competitive in both quality and price.

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We can advise you on eccentric bending

We want to be a reliable partner, focusing on fulfilling our customers’ needs. Therefore, we are happy to advise you on whether eccentric bending is the best solution for your product, or if there is another process more suited to either the product itself or the entire manufacturing process.

In connection with bending, we can produce special tools to optimise the process with respect to both price and quality.

At Hosta Industries, we do not just deliver a workpiece. We offer you a partnership for the entire process, so you end up with a solution rather than just a shipment – every time.

steel bending

Machine list

Among our machines are the LE-400

Maximum pressure force: 400 kN
Work area: 880 x 1250 mm
Maximum presses per minute: 40 per minute
Maximum thickness: 4 mm


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