Robotic bending

We have the option to use robots in our production to bend your product. We do this primarily for larger series, as larger amounts of workpieces may typically be produced faster and more efficiently using robots than through manual bending. Robotic bending also offers a highly consistent process, so that all workpieces in the series are completely identical.

A well-executed robotic bending process requires the right robots and a completely correct configuration of them. We always remain focused on this, guaranteeing you products of the highest quality. Therefore, we continuously ensure technological development and that our employees are highly qualified in configuring and programming robots and edge pressing machines.

Our bending cell is a combination of an Hämmerle edge press, which is the best edge press in its field, and a 135 kg ABB production robot. The combination of the Hämmerle’s great repeatability and the ABB robot’s positioning accuracy, means that your workpieces are produced with high uniformity and a high output – and with low unit costs.

We would like to advise you on the optimum solution within robotic bending for your product. Please contact one of our competent employees to learn more.

You are also welcome to read more about our other efficient bending methods eccentric bending and edge bending.

Machine list

At Hosta Industries, we have one robotic bending cell available. It consists of:

Bystronic Hämmerle 3P 150
Maximum bending length: 3100 mm

Tonnage: 1500 kN
Maximum stroke length: 400 mm

ABB IRB 6400
Handling capacity: 135 kg (90 kg without tools).

Our bending cell has the following characteristics:

  • A constant distribution of the bending forces with perfect certainty of uniformity and quick turnaround times.
  • Extremely flexible, efficient and economical thanks to a slim tool system and generous, free work areas.
  • Thanks to the extensive database of materials, tools and accessories, the machine will handle complex programs with a single push.

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