The punching process is one of the cornerstones of Hosta Industries. Building on years of experience, we have continually developed our expertise in the field. Therefore, we can now offer our customers a wealth of options in turret punching, automated punching and eccentric punching.

Punching is typically the process chosen when the volume of the product is so high that efficiency improvements become an interesting option. This means that punched workpieces often have low unit costs. Through the punching process, it is possible to produce even the most complicated workpieces, and it is therefore a good alternative to laser cutting of sheets and plates. Therefore, it is also recommended to read more about laser cutting of sheets and plates.

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An automated process makes it possible to configure the machine for further machining, so you can get a more finished workpiece from the process. Automated punching is ideal for higher volumes. Here, you get high uniformity, lower unit costs and a high output.

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Eccentric punching, or punching with manual feed, also offers good options for high output and low unit costs. The options are virtually the same as with automatic feed, and one can, by means of a progressive die tool, incorporate several processes. In eccentric punching with manual feed, the volume of either workpieces or materials is typically smaller, just as the tool investment is less.

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Turret punching is performed using a CNC-controlled machine, equipped with a variety of tools, each of which performs a specific punching task. The tools in the turret punch are flexible and can be set up so that the workpieces are punched in accordance with customer specifications; easily and quickly.

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