Eccentric punching

At Hosta Industries, we are specialists in eccentric punching. If you need a series of uniform workpieces at a competitive price, eccentric punching might be the solution for you.

Eccentric punching, or punching with manual feed, provides a good opportunity for high output and low unit costs. The options are virtually the same as with automatic feed, and by means of a progressive die tool, more processes can be integrated. In eccentric punching with manual feed, the volume of either workpieces or materials is typically smaller, just as the tool investment is less.

We have extensive experience with punching and the manufacture of progressive die tools and are therefore competent to advise you on exactly the right solution for your product. We design the process based on your needs and requirements, ensuring that the output of your workpiece makes optimal sense, both financially and qualitatively.

Also explore the options for automated punching and turret punching.

Eccentric punching is an excellent machining method if there is a need for complex hole patterns, embossing or engraving. This punching method is also particularly suitable for workpieces of a highly sophisticated character because the fixed tools are designed for the process, ensuring a perfect result with all punching. The method may also make the subsequent assembly extremely easy, as it allows you to observe even the smallest of tolerances.

Manual punching

Machine list

Our eccentric punchers include the LE-250-C type.

Maximum pressure force: 250 kN
Work area: 1220 x 805 mm
Maximum presses per minute: 45 per minute
Maximum thickness: 8 mm

We always make sure our machinery is maintained and consists of the best and most efficient machines, so we can help our customers with a competitive product – which they can be proud of.

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