Turret punching

Turret punching is performed using a CNC-controlled machine, equipped with a variety of tools, each of which performs a specific punching task. At Hosta Industries we have a TruPunch 5000 from Trumpf, referred to as a “monotool punch” due to its construction. The tools in the turret punch are flexible and can be configured to punch the workpieces according to the most complex of specifications.

Turret punching is an incredibly efficient method for cutting a workpiece from raw sheet or plate. We are able to punch workpieces from steel, stainless steel and aluminium, and can handle work areas of up to 3070 mm x 1660 mm with a thickness of 1-4 mm.

In turret punching, the design of the workpiece is not fixed in the machine. This means that the dimensions can be altered without significant economic impact, as would be the case with conventional punching tools. This is because the turret punch is able to achieve a degree of material utilisation not found on older machines.

Turret punching is particularly useful when the workpiece has already been machined through stamping, threading or otherwise.

In addition, turret punching offers many advantages:

  • High speed and quality
  • Fast processing time for workpieces with many holes
  • Cold working; minimal heat impact on the workpiece
  • Sorting happens automatically
  • Cost-effective at high volume

Contact one of our competent employees to learn more. We can advise you so that, together, we can find the right solution for your product.

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Machine list

Our turret is of the TruPunch 5000 type

The turret punch punches workpieces in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Maximum pressure force:  220 kN
Work area: 3070 x 1660 mm
Maximum presses per minute: 1,400 per minute
Maximum thickness: 4 mm


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