Technical advice and optimisation

For many years, we have focused on solving problems for our customers and contributing with technical advice. With our competences, we are able to contribute throughout the whole process; from the conceptual stage to prototyping and final production of the finished product.

Our competent staff understands that customers have specific needs. They have great knowledge of, and experience with, translating ideas into 3D models and production drawings that can be used as a basis for the realisation of your product or prototype. We can also help find the proper manufacturing process for your exact product, based on the specifications and desires you have.

We have helped many customers with technical advice regarding products – both new products and optimising existing ones.

Do you need a second source or do you have the idea, but lack the drawing and advice about possibilities and limitations? Then contact us and let us help you to a competitive product.

Product development

Product development is the key to a competitive product. That is why at Hosta Industries, we offer our extensive knowledge and know-how, technical advice and optimisation of your product.

Product development can be a daunting challenge, especially because the designer should preferably keep all processes in mind, even as the first lines are drawn. To obtain a design that accommodates product properties, process safety and competitiveness requires extensive knowledge about the product, manufacturing processes and process flow. Quite small details can often make the difference in whether a design is process safe and competitive or not. Furthermore, keeping abreast of the latest manufacturing processes requires a lot of effort.

From design to the end customer


With advice regarding design and a solution that included packing and labelling, ready for delivery to the end customer, the furniture manufacturer achieved consistent quality and short delivery times.


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Optimizing steel making process

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