Tool manufacturing

At Hosta Industries, our great experience and know-how allow us to offer toolmaking made on ultra-modern machines. We manufacture tools based on your needs, with a focus on quality and economy. Our tools are produced either for external use in your business or for internal use in serial production with us. We manufacture tools for mechanical and hydraulic presses such as cutting and punching tools, perforation tools, bending tools, pulling tools, combined tools, as well as follow-on tools and transfer tools.

Our specialist knowledge and skilled toolmakers ensure that the tool manufacture is optimised for your requirements for the workpiece’s design, and in relation to the production quantity you need.

Hosta Industries designs and makes cutting and punching tools. On the basis of our extensive experience in cutting and punching, we produce manual and/or CAD-based drawings. We also offer advice and collaboration on product development, material selection and prototyping. In short, we are with you all the way – from concept to design and finished product.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of tools for customers in industries across Europe and using the latest technology we will find the best solution for your task. If the workpiece needs laser cutting and subsequent operations undertaken with a tool – we will do that too.

In this context, do explore the options of laser cutting of sheets and tubes for your workpieces.

Punching tools

Cutting/punching progressive die

Hosta Industries manufactures traditional and advanced tools in our own toolmaking workshop, including winding tools. To ensure optimum strength and durability of the finished tool, we only manufacture tools in tool steel of the highest quality .

We use an advanced 3D drawing program for, among other things, tool construction. We test all the tools in the toolmaking workshop and conduct a trial production before the tool is finally released for production.

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