Tube bending

Tube bending with our new, advanced 3D tube bender gives you, as a customer, new opportunities with regard to shaping and design! Hosta Industries has long experience in tube machining, and now we also master advanced tube bending.

Our hydraulic, five-axis CNC-controlled 3D tube bender is a very effective machine that can bend black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass in dimensions from dia. 15 mm to dia. 55 mm. 3D tube bending is done with both simple and complex tubes, with high finish demands and in both small and large batch sizes.

Furthermore, we can simulate the bending process on advanced software, so we are sure to satisfy your every wish and need. What’s more, our high degree of automation means that we can offer competitive pricing.

If your needs go beyond our standard matrices, we have our own construction and tools department, where we develop and produce our own bending matrices. We can also act as a sparring partner for your projects in the development phase – and quickly manufacture the necessary tools.

If you are interested in learning more about what else we offer within tube machining, you can read more about the options within laser cutting of tubes.

Machine list

Our tube bender is a CRIPPA 1055E

Bending direction: Right and left

Material types: Steel and aluminium

Maximum tube diameter: Ø55 × 2.5 mm

Maximum bending radius: 250 mm

Tube length: 2000/2400 mm

The CRIPPA 1055E is a fully automated CNC tube bender, which guarantees high quality with energy savings and faster installation and start-up time. In this way, we can make sure that your product is as competitive as possible.

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