At Hosta Industries, we want to be our customers’ preferred partner. Therefore, as part of an overall solution, we offer customised packaging of both a complicated and a simpler nature, as we understand that our customers have different needs.

If you need packing in kits for various assembly locations or packaging of products ready for the end customer, we can handle this for you. We pack based on your specifications and include, for example, assembly instructions, screws and the like and pack in the packaging you want and need.

By letting us handle the process, you as a customer save a handling process, thus cutting time across the entire supply chain, allowing you to prioritise other important tasks.

We pack in environmentally friendly packaging, as we have a sharp focus on using the most environmentally friendly methods. Our environmental policy requires sustainability and recyclability, both in production and administration.

We are the right partner if, after production, you need professional packing and packaging of your products. It is of the utmost importance to us that you as a customer always have a positive experience of working with us, and we therefore approach all tasks with the same uncompromising attention to detail and quality.

In connection with packing, we also offer warehousing and just in time-delivery of your products. We deliver finished high-quality workpieces, packaged and labelled to fit your exact needs and requirements.

Customer-defined packing in kits


BEUMER Group A/S, a manufacturer of logistics solutions worldwide, minimises stock and time spent by having Hosta Industries manufacture and pack in custom kits for the customer’s assembly locations.


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