Stock and delivery

When, as a customer, you enter into a long-term collaboration or partnership with Hosta Industries, it is possible to organise internal processes so that we minimise not only your stock costs but also Hosta Industries’. We have years of experience with just-in-time deliveries for customers who, like Hosta Industries, work with LEAN, the Toyota Production System or the like.

By working closely around just-in-time deliveries, the return is high for both parties. It allows Hosta Industries to continuously adjust capacity and, as a customer, you can be assured that the products are available in the volume and at the rate needed.

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Flexibility and trust

Flexibility and trust are keywords for a collaboration with Hosta Industries – and is one of the prerequisites for our setup working as well as it does.

Based on your needs and requirements, we are able to order materials for the warehouse. This way, the material is available for processing such as laser cutting, stamping or bending, allowing you to get your workpieces processed and delivered just-in-time.

Throughout the process, we are happy to advise about the design or form of machining in order to create a smarter solution for you and your product – and thus increase your competitiveness as regards both price and quality.

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Storage solution and correlation with forecasts


Toyota Material Handling, the world’s largest manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, has signed an agreement that gives them the assurance that they can adjust to their needs continuously and simultaneously maintain a 100% delivery rate on forecasted workpieces.


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Storage and delivery in steel

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