Surface treatment

Hosta Industries is working with Denmark’s leaders in surface treatment. This way, we ensure that you have the finished product delivered ready for assembly or packaged for the end user.

We are a full-line supplier and assume responsibility for all operations until the final result.

As a full-line supplier, Hosta Industries works closely with you as a customer and as a manufacturing partner, we are able to advise on surface treatment as early as in the development phase. We and our partners are always working with the latest technology and machinery.

We have the expertise to manage the logistics and are therefore qualified to take on outsourced tasks.

So, if you have a workpiece in need of surface treatment after production, we can take care of it. Your process is optimised, because we can handle the whole process, and you do not need any other suppliers.

Contact us to learn how we can help optimise the process and do the job.

Hosta Industries collaborates with

  • Dansk Overflade Teknik A/S
  • CUBIC-Lak
  • Dan-Color A/S
  • Midtjysk Pulverlakering ApS
  • Industrilakering A/S
  • Midtjydsk Fornikling & Forchromning A/S
  • JAI-O Overfladebehandling A/S

Electrogalvanisation with subsequent chromating/passivation is primarily corrosion protection. Electrogalvanisation is mainly used for outdoor structures, including in the construction industry, agriculture, mechanical engineering, automotive, furniture and electronics industries.

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Surface treatment with powder is considered unique in a variety of applications and as a competitive alternative for workpieces where there are special requirements, for example, for impact and scratch resistance or corrosion protection.

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Chrome plating is a surface treatment process in which metal parts have a metallic surface coating of first, nickel and then chrome applied to them. Thereby, chrome plating provides corrosion protection and also makes the surface smooth and decorative. Among other things, chrome plating is used in the furniture industry and the electronics industry.

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Hot-dip galvanising is the most effective form of corrosion protection. Hot-dip galvanised steel requires no maintenance, and the alloy is so strong that a hot-dip galvanised steel frame can be transported and handled without the zinc being damaged. Hot-dip galvanising is primarily used for outdoor structures. It is often used for brackets, structural steel, balconies and staircases.

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Anodising is commonly used for aluminium workpieces. Anodising improves the aluminium’s corrosion resistance and lightfastness. Anodising also opens up a host of options for dyeing and application.

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