Anodising – or eloxation as it is also called – is an effective coating for aluminium, which we offer in collaboration with some of the best surface treatment experts in Denmark.

The possible applications of eloxated/anodised aluminium are endless, both for practical and decorative purposes.

Anodising improves the aluminium’s corrosion resistance and lightfastness. This surface treatment also opens up a host of options for dyeing and application.

The aluminium surface itself is soft and therefore highly susceptible to corrosion. Over time, untreated aluminium turns dull and grey, whereas anodised aluminium retains a high gloss and a better-looking appearance for a long time. 

In this connection, anodising has the following properties:

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Hardened surface, thereby increasing the resistance to mechanical wear
  • An electrically insulating surface
  • A decorative surface, e.g. dyeing

If you need your workpieces surface treated, we are happy to take care of that as an additional service in the manufacturing process with us.

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The process

The anodising process starts with a pretreatment that gives the untreated aluminium workpiece a uniform surface. A chemical method is always used here. Pretreatment can be extended by grinding, polishing, metal brushing, sandblasting or glass blasting to obtain special surface structures. The processed workpiece is then ready for the electrolytic process, which increases the resistance against wear and corrosion. This process also creates electrical isolation.

In regular anodising, the layer thickness will typically range from 5 to 25 μ, depending on the alloy composition and the workpiece’s intended application. When aluminium is anodised and dyed, the chosen aluminium alloy is of great importance to the final result. Workpieces for outdoor use should have a thicker anodising than workpieces for indoor use. After anodising, aluminium appears neutral in colour – and allows the possibility of dyeing the aluminium.

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