Powder coating

Powder technology has evolved towards thermosetting powders, which give a number of surface advantages and thus a much broader industrial application. Surface treatment with powder is considered unique in a variety of applications and as a competitive alternative for workpieces where there are special requirements, for example, for impact and scratch resistance or corrosion protection.

Powder coating is an industrial process for surface treatment of metal surfaces to be dyed or protected from the surrounding environment/climate. Powder coating is a process in which a workpiece, after appropriate cleaning or chemical pre-treatment, is coated with a layer of thermosetting powder, e.g. polyester or epoxy.

The prerequisite for an electrostatic application of powder is that the workpiece is electrically conductive and that it can withstand a session in the curing oven where the temperature is kept at between 180° and 210°. The workpieces with the powder are placed in the oven, where the powder merges and forms a uniform layer which protects the workpieces. After cooling, the workpieces are ready to be packed for the customer.

Only your imagination and the size of the furnace limit these types of workpieces. Here are a few examples:

  • Covers and sheet metal components
  • Building components
  • Components for trucks
  • Foundry and machine jobs

Surface treatment with powder gives the finished workpiece a number of benefits, which overall make the process an attractive protection for steel and aluminium. These are:

  • Durable surface with a great-looking finish
  • Very high corrosion stability
  • Scratch and impact resistant surfaces
  • Graffiti-resistant surfaces
  • Free choice of colour within common colour scales with a wide range of glosses – RAL colours
  • Structure and hammer effects
  • Excellent weather resistance among the fade resistant powder types
  • After cooling, the workpieces are ready for use

The benefits make powder technology an attractive option, whenever a technically optimal, economic quality solution for the surface finish is required.

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Powder Coated Steel

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