Hot-dip galvanising

In collaboration with external partners, Hosta Industries offers to coat your workpieces – including hot-dip galvanising. 

Hot-dip galvanising is the most effective form of corrosion protection. Since steel is a metal more noble than zinc, zinc will protect the steel cathodically. During the hot-dip galvanisation process, which takes place by immersion in approx. 450°C hot zinc melt, there is a reaction between the two metals which creates an alloy between the metals. This results in a very strong adhesion of zinc to steel.

After pretreatment in pickling tubs, the steel structure is lowered into the zinc melt. Subsequently, the steel structure is cleaned of any excess zinc and quality controlled to ensure an optimal result.

The alloy is so strong and solid that the steel structure can be transported and handled without the zinc being damaged by it.

Galvanised steel requires basically no maintenance and is typically used for outdoor structures including brackets, structural steel, balconies and staircases.

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Have the correct surface treatment specified

All products – large and small – are exposed to climatic stresses and corrosion which shortens their service life. How quickly the degradation occurs depends on the environment to which the structure is exposed. In this context, it is therefore of great importance whether the products are for outdoor use, or if the products are to be used indoors.

Painting and galvanisation are used to protect steel from corrosion, but in this context, the paint system chosen is of particular importance, as is the manner in which the surface treatment process is performed, if the design is to be protected effectively for many years.

If the surface treatment is not of the right type and quality for your product, it will impact the product’s service life adversely.

We are at your disposal for both advice and optimisation regarding your product because we understand the importance of a reliable surface treatment.

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