One piece flow ensures fast delivery

The customer, a manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, needed a supplier that could handle the entire value chain of a product and deliver it fully assembled, ready for resale. There was also a need for short delivery times, which posed a requirement of a stock of semi-finished and finished products.




Hosta Industries began by reviewing the customer’s design for production optimisation.

Laser tube cutting replaced different parts of the sheet or plate, which helped give the product greater strength, as well as a lower cost.
Furthermore, we could minimise the turnaround time by welding workpieces in kits on the robot, based on one piece flow. Thus, there is no bottleneck in the welding process. Hot dip galvanised surfaces are stored as semi-finished workpieces, which means that the customer can quickly get preassembled parts, but can also be supplied with spare parts.

The customer achieves short delivery times with a low stock level and a product with a lower price and higher quality.

Laser tube cutting machine

We are happy to optimise your entire value chain

At Hosta Industries, we offer services that help optimise your entire supply chain.
Among other things, we offer technical advice and support in the field of design for manufacturing. This means that we offer our assistance regarding the improvement and optimisation of your product and production process, to make it as competitive as possible.
We are also able to handle surface treatment, assembly, packing, warehousing and just-in-time deliveries in connection with supply chain services for you as a customer. All to minimise your time spent.

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