Insight into technology and use of capacity

The customer faced replacement of a plate laser and, at the same time, experienced increased sales of their products. In this context, the customer wanted to see the output of the machine they had intended to buy – while they had a capacity need.

Hosta Industries was able to help the customer achieve both.

Hosta Industries delivered cutting samples of the customer’s material, and a price and weekly output were agreed. We delivered the laser-cut plates as if they had come directly from the customer’s own laser cutter, and thus there was no disruption of their further production.

The customer had their production capacity problems solved, while they also got an insight into the quality and output of the machine they were thinking of buying themselves.

Metal sheet machining steel

Capacity for all kinds of needs

At Hosta Industries, we can provide added capacity in many different areas. Whether your need is capacity of production or storage space, we can help. With our flexibility, we can organise our production so that you can make the most of your internal processes.

As a partner, our focus is to organise a collaboration which benefits both parties.
Therefore, you can be sure that the products you need are available in the sales volume required, as we have the ability to continuously adjust the capacity to your needs.

You can read much more about the options we offer in capacity.

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