Storage solution and correlation with forecasts

Through close collaboration regarding capacity, storage solution and correlation with forecasts, the return is high for both parties. Hosta Industries has the opportunity to continuously adjust capacity so that as a customer, you have a guarantee that products are available at the rate you need.

Toyota Material Handling supplies trucks for the entire world with a strong focus on quality. The company is the world’s largest dealer and manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. In Denmark, more than one in three trucks are delivered from here.


The ongoing forecasting means that we have the ability to automatically adjust, organise and correlate our ongoing production and warehousing with Toyota Material Handling’s forecast. Against this background, we can start the production of workpieces. This provides some security and, for the customer, the ability to continuously plan and adjust needs and requirements, simply by updating us on their latest forecast. With our high flexibility, at Hosta Industries we can be sure that the customer achieves 100% reliability of delivery for the forecasted workpieces.

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Storage and delivery in steel

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