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The customer has an efficient production, where they would normally laser cut workpieces for their products themselves. However, they experienced a breakdown of their plate laser for a period, and therefore had an urgent need for additional capacity.

Here, we made extra capacity available to the customer in our production, where we were able to offer the necessary laser plate cutting capacity.

In collaboration with the customer, we set a time factor based on the customer’s production times. The agreement was for the customer to supply materials to be used in production by Hosta Industries. This helped ensure that we could make quick deliveries with a short time frame from inquiry to delivery. During this period, the customer experienced no capacity gaps in their production because of the breakdown of their plate laser.

Plate laser

Plate laser cutting

With our extensive know-how, knowledge and experience, we can offer high-quality laser plate cutting and ensure that you, the customer, gets the best results.

With laser plate cutting, it is possible to manufacture quality workpieces with 0.1 mm accuracy – with sharp corners and a minimum of heat impact.

Precision laser cutting is a very flexible technique and can be used for many different workpieces and kinds of material.
By laser cutting, we can cut plates of up to 25mm – black steel, aluminium and stainless steel – with very small tolerances and an extra fine cut.

Our laser cutting machines are among the best in the industry and equipped with fully automatic loading/unloading systems. We can also carry out fibre laser cutting of your workpieces. This has the advantage of being an accurate, fast and efficient method for cutting plates.

If your project is to be done in plates, laser cutting can be ideal.

Read more about laser cutting of plates.

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