Second source of turret punching

The customer, a manufacturer of process, storage and handling equipment, had a period of very high load in production and therefore needed additional capacity in turret punching at very short notice.

We assisted the customer here so that they could get the extra capacity they needed.
We entered into an agreement with the customer on pricing based on their needs and requirements to ensure that this was concluded, leaving both ourselves and the customer with a clear framework. The customer now knows that there is always a backup in relation to their own production, and they know the precise conditions of this agreement.

second source on turret punching

Turret punching

Turret punching is an incredibly efficient machining process that gives you many advantages in the cutting of aluminium and steel.

During turret punching, the workpiece’s design is not locked in the machine. This provides limitless options to change sizes, dimensions and any other wishes for the workpieces, without incurring a great economic impact as is the case with traditional punching with punching tools. This is due to the turret punch’s ability to utilise the material in a way that is not found on older machines.

The advantages of turret punching include:

  • High processing speed for workpieces with many details
  • Good quality
  • Automatic sorting
  • Cost-cutting at high volume

At Hosta Industries, we are able to handle work areas of up to 3070 mm x 1660 mm with a thickness of 1-4 mm.
Due to its construction, our turret punch, a TruPunch 5000 from Trumpf, is called a “mono punch”.

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