Seasonal adjustment of laser tube cutting

The customer already has two tube lasers, but since they had sold more than expected in their peak season, they experienced a need for additional capacity. The requirement was a fast response and capacity within larger profiles.

In order to meet customer requirements, Hosta Industries expanded capacity and could thus create the necessary room in relation to the customer’s capacity level. We received the customer’s cutting times, calculated a fixed price on this basis and delivered workpieces in the same way as they would deliver them internally.

The result of the collaboration resulted in a minimum of time spent for the customer’s purchaser, as their production planner simply sent their needs to Hosta Industries instead of their own production floor. The customer’s production could not see or feel the difference as to whether the workpieces came from Hosta Industries or from their own production.

Capacity tube laser cutting

Laser tube cutting

Laser tube cutting can automate the processing of, amongst other things, drilling, sawing, turning or milling accurately and quickly with large savings and increased output.

Machining which normally requires multiple setups can all be done in a single process.

The technique for laser tube cutting also opens up opportunities for designers to think in new ways, create intelligent designs and resolve issues that may surprise even those with the most experience in the field of laser cutting.
Here, it is possible to achieve optimisation of assembly by the addition of, for example, tenon and mortise while preventing, for instance, assembly errors.

We have two efficient Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 tube lasers, which can cut round, square, rectangular and oval tubes. We are also able to cut up to 10mm thicknesses.

You can read much more about laser tube cutting here.

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