Badesneglen / Havfruefløjterne

Landscape architect Lars Kronborg Bak from Fredericia Municipality, Roads and Parks, has designed the sea bath that was originally known as Badesneglen (the snail), which has subsequently been renamed Havfruefløjterne (the mermaid whistles).

Havfruefløjterne is a bathing facility for the visually impaired, and one of several projects that are part of the beautification of Østerstrand in Fredericia Municipality. The idea of ​​using steel tubes, which are made by tube laser cutting, came relatively late in the project phase. This meant that there was a great need for a fast supply of tubes at a reasonable price.

Since the technique of tube laser cutting had not been used in previous projects, it required a partnership with a sub-supplier who could provide technical assistance and had insight into how you could ensure the perfect solutions for the project.

At Hosta Industries, we want to be a collaborative partner with a focus on Partnership Manufacturing, where professional dialogue or partnership goes hand-in-hand with the production process. Therefore, this was an excellent match between the customer and us. Hosta Industries reviewed the design drawings from Lars Kronborg Bak, which gave us an opportunity to use our extensive technical expertise and provide the sounding board services that the customer needed. In this way, we were able to find the perfect solution for the project by working cooperatively. The customer was delighted with Hosta Industries’ services and expertise i.e. the right solutions for the project – this included the right materials, production techniques, a reasonable price and fast and reliable delivery.

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At Hosta Industries, we believe in integrity, which means that we do not promise more than we can deliver. Our customers are important to us, and we want to be an essential element in our customers’ daily life. In this way, we can achieve the active collaboration and partnership that we are striving for. We always try to acquire new knowledge, new skills and develop our expertise so that we can meet all our customers’ wishes and needs. This is what makes us a serious and reliable collaborative partner.

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