What are your visions for the company’s future?


Orla Mosevang started Hosta Industries in 1973 on leased premises in a small town in North Jutland. Today, the company has over 13,000 m2 of production facilities in an industrial park in Hjallerup, North Jutland. Hosta Industries is a leading supplier to the metal industry in Denmark and abroad. Since its beginnings in 1973, the company has experienced strong growth and is today a modern, well-consolidated company.

Since Hosta Industries saw the light of day, the company has endeavoured to supply the best possible product to the customer. This aim has always permeated the entire company, where there is constant focus on all employees always doing their best to supply the excellent quality for which Hosta Industries is known. Today, the company is run by Christian and Søren Mosevang. We have asked them a few questions about life as directors and how being brothers and sparring partners in a large industrial company works in practice.

What are your visions for the company’s future?
Christian: “We have put in place a strategy for growth and, as such, have invested massively in capacity and new technology throughout the financial crisis and have come out of it much stronger compared to other competitors. We really believe that we have legitimacy and a product that make our customers more competitive and which helps strengthen our position on the market. Søren: “In ten years, we will be on nearby markets such as Norway, Sweden and Germany. Hopefully, on a much grander scale than we are today. For us, visions are about growth and constant focus on Hosta Industries being known for quality on the international and Danish markets alike. We never walk away from a challenge – even those across borders.”

You have put in place a new strategy. What will it entail for the company overall?
Søren: “Our growth in recent years has cost us – also because we are building an organisation. We are doing this to solidify the stable growth that has characterised the company in recent years. We are in the process of building up a better support organisation, and we recognise, of course, that it is going to affect the bottom line for a while. Christian: “There are decisions that fundamentally have to be made in order to face the future. We have a valued saying here that you have to invest in the future before you can expect it to pay off. You have to sow the seeds before you can harvest the yield. That is why a detailed and long-term strategy has been necessary for our organisation – because we are always thinking about where we are in 5, 10 or 15 years, or where we want to be.”

What is it like being brothers as well as partners in a companly like Hosta Industries?
Christian: “The benefits of being brothers is clearly that we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are always at work and often discuss business at the dinner table at family get-togethers. While it can be challenging, of course, the fact that we know each other as well as we do has far more advantages than disadvantages. That’s how it should be.” Søren: “We do not always agree, but it is all about compromise and always having our common vision in sight. It is here we can sense the family ties – that we have a drive and a strength that are undeniably similar. We grew up with with Hosta Industries, and it is a huge part of our DNA. That is why we, as brothers, share the commonality that we will always act in the company’s and each other’s best interest – now and in the future. This forms the basis for the mutual respect and eternal understanding for each other’s work. It is not an obstacle that we are brothers, it is our strength.”