Summer greetings from Hosta Industries A/S


The summer holidays are upon us and in this connection, we want to send you a little greeting.

At Hosta Industries A/S, we have had a busy spring with positive results. However, we know that new challenges and major investments are right around the corner, and that many important decisions have to be made to ensure that our expectations for the future are met.

After a sluggish autumn in 2015, we saw the trend reversing from the beginning of 2016 until today, not just at Hosta but throughout the industry. We therefore expect the rest of 2016 to be busy as well, so we have already secured additional capacity on all fronts.

Sharply rising steel prices
The message from the steel wholesalers is that we can expect significant increases in steel prices starting already from the end of the second quarter of 2016. Michael Christensen from Lemvig Müller predicts that prices will not drop again until the end of the third quarter of 2016 – maybe even not until the end of the year. However, he does not expect them to drop to their early 2016 levels.

Very successful seminar
We organized a successful seminar at Hosta with the theme of “Design for Manufacturing”, in which we focused on the opportunities for optimal design in relation to production processes. We presented a case study we have worked on with Migatronic, where the goal was to reduce a large number of welding carts to one. If you want to hear more about the opportunities for cost and quality optimization in manufacturing design, please contact our Sales Department.

A strengthened organization
To ensure future growth, we have decided to strengthen our organization significantly with two new positions: an HR employee and a production manager. In addition, we are hiring new staff for our production, order handling and sales support teams.

New welding robot
We are now the proud owners of a new four-metre welding robot. The welding robot is intended to give us increased capacity for existing products. But it also gives us new opportunities when it comes to handling larger and heavier work pieces, which typically require long welding and handling times. This results in significant cost reductions for our customers.

Environmental and safety certification
Hosta Industries A/S has received an occupational health and safety certification (OHSAS 18001). This means that we work in an ongoing, structured way to achieve a better working environment, which ultimately ensures maximum uptime and optimum security of supply for our customers. We have also supplemented our existing ISO 9001 certification with ISO 14001, which provides a guarantee to our customers that we are a workplace that takes quality, environment and health and safety seriously.

On that note, we wish you all a good summer!