Social responsibility

Demonstrating responsibility towards the local community, the environment and people is a fundamental part of Hosta Industries. We do this by working with social, environmental and employee-related areas, where we can connect the business to social responsibility.

Hosta Industries wants to help take responsibility for vulnerable groups in society being given an opportunity to become part of the Danish labour market. Therefore, we work with:

  • The local job centres, where we offer work placements to people who want to test their skills in production or need special help to enter the labour market
  • Collaborate with municipalities on various educational projects aimed at upgrading the skills of unemployed people for industry sector jobs
  • Mentoring to ensure retention and labour market affiliation

Hosta Industries wants to be an attractive workplace and take responsibility for our employees’ professional development – both in relation to our own business and their individual value in the labour market. Therefore, we invest resources in the further development of our employees with regards to further education, training and internal training.

The work environment is an important focus area for us that we safeguard via, amongst other things, OHSAS 18001.

We have a social responsibility to ensure that skilled labour is available in our field in the future. We do this through education, skills development and collaboration with a number of educational institutions.

Hosta Industries continuously take on apprentices within the following areas; industrial technician, boilermaker and toolmaker, where we focus on apprentices being part of the workplace on the same terms as other employees. We have a responsibility to qualify our apprentices as much as is possible to ensure that they have the strongest possible position in the labour market. Therefore, we work with training plans and structured follow-up on learning goals, just as we ensure that the apprentices familiarise themselves with all areas of production, thus obtaining sound knowledge about the company’s value chain.

Our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates that we focus on protecting the environment in the way we do business. We focus on reusability and on using the most environmentally friendly methods both in production and administration.

For Hosta Industries A/S, having a local presence is very important and we are pleased to be able to give back to the community. We are fully behind local associations and show our support where we can.
That’s why we provide support to the following:

  • cykelnerven Denmark’s toughest charity event, which completes the toughest stages of the Tour de France each year to raise money for a good cause, namely the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
  • Hjallerups Sports Association’s handball division where we are sponsoring clothing for the U14 girls’ division and the men’s division’s first and second teams.
  • 24 Hours in Hjallerup – an organisation that raises money for julemaerkehjemmet-hobro. The fundraising efforts include swimming, cycling, running, etc. – continuously for 24 hours. Hosta Industries A/S is well represented by employees who contribute to the good cause
  • aauracing which is a group of students from Aalborg University working together across multiple education programmes to design and construct race cars. Among other initiatives, the team participates in the race for students in Denmark, Germany and England. Hosta Industries A/S provides support through our expertise in manufacturing and thus gives students the opportunity to test new methods and technologies in their project.

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