New organisation and focus for steel company Hosta Industries

In August 2018, Hosta Industries has a new organisation in place – including a new Technical Manager and a new Sales Manager. The new organisation ensures that, in line with the company’s growth, Hosta Industries will remain a dynamic organisation at all levels, and allows owners Christian Mosevang, CEO and Søren Mosevang, Sales Director, to focus even more on the strategic development of the company.


In recent years, Hosta Industries has enjoyed steady growth in both turnover and earnings. In order to continue the positive progress, a development of the organisation is required. The organisational changes are based on a desire for more precise management focus on core functions and will contribute to customers perceiving Hosta Industries as a partner to an even greater extent than today.

“In recent years, we have worked determinedly with lean as an improvement culture with customer satisfaction in quality and security of supply, as well as our growth targets as key objectives. One part of lean is to streamline processes – not only in production but also administrative ones. Therefore, we are now streamlining the organisation further with the aim that our customers, partners and employees will experience Hosta Industries as a stronger company at all levels going forward,” says Christian Mosevang, CEO of Hosta Industries.

Customer-centric technical department
As of 1 August 2018, a technical department has been established which will focus on the optimisation of customer items, project management of complex customer products, automation and implementation of new technology.

Anders Christensen, who moves from Lean Project Manager to the role of Technical Manager, is responsible for the department. Previously, these tasks have been handled elsewhere in the organisation, but the new department is to support Hosta Industries’ ambition to be a partner to its customers. “In this way, we devote additional resources to helping and advising our customers, so that we can help optimise the customers’ products – and thus their business,” says Sales Director Søren Mosevang.

In connection with the change, the company has expanded and established a number of new facilities, which form the framework for the new technical department.

New Sales Manager and new opportunities
In order to free up time for strategic development and bring new skills on board, Sales Director Søren Mosevang will pull out of the day-to-day management of sales, leaving Jacob Overby, Area Sales Manager for the past year, at the helm of the sales department.

Søren Mosevang has this to say about the change in the sales department: “With Jacob as the Sales Manager, we create the necessary sales focus to develop sales and create a strong, customer-oriented sales organisation. At the same time, we look to new markets – including the Nordic countries – and focus on some of the new opportunities we offer to customers. Among other things, these are in 3D measurement and tube machining, where we are among the best in the industry.”

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