New logo marks transformation at Hosta Industries


After years of massive growth – including new skills, new technology and additional square meters – Hosta Industries now has a new visual identity and soon a new website.

To reflect this latest growth and market position, Hosta Industries has updated its brand and design, which combines the company’s history and its current position as a leading supplier and partner.

Hosta Industries A/S Logo

”The new logo and colour scheme is our way, from a purely graphical perspective, to express the changes that have characterised Hosta Industries in recent years. With the new design, we are able to brand and profile Hosta Industries with a look that matches the company’s drive and growth. With the new logo, we are communicating that Hosta Industries is a modern and professional industrial company, and the implementation of the logo reflects our strategy to position ourselves as a preferred partner in steel working,” says Christian Mosevang, CEO of Hosta Industries. ”We wanted a logo that was stylistically pure and eye-catching, with clear lines symbolising that we wish to be a leading manufacturing partner in the industry. We wanted to show that we are an effective and LEAN production company and a professional sparring partner for our customers. At the same time, the new logo is also more compatible with the formatting requirements that e.g. social media have for logos.”

Hosta Industries has existed since 1973 and has grown from a traditional metalworking company to a professional industrial company with a high level of know-how that can deliver a broad range of services and manage a high degree of complexity in relation to customers’ production. Particularly in recent years, we have added many more processes and skills, and today Hosta Industries can offer customers turnkey solutions and manage the entire value chain, from prototype sparring and production, to surface treatment as well as assembly and stock-keeping. These changes must also be visible in the graphic profile.

The new logo stems from the geometric shape of punched items and thus Hosta Industries’ origin as a tool company.

”For some time, we have wanted a new logo and visual expression that matches the company that Hosta Industries has become. Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to be able to present a purer look that still draws upon the company’s origin and values,” says Christian Mosevang about the new design.

Hosta Industries A/S - Nyt logo

Hosta Industries A/S - Bearbejdning af stål

New website
Together with the new logo, this spring Hosta Industries is launching a new website, which, like the logo, has been adapted to match the company that Hosta Industries is today.

” is an important communication platform. Here, we tell our customers, partners and potential employees what we are up to and what we can offer as a supplier and manufacturing partner,” explains sales director Søren Mosevang.

The new website has considerable focus on cases and the special skills that Hosta Industries has to offer – and on the fact that, as a sub-contractor, we work with a whole range of different industries.

Hosta Industries’ new website is currently under construction and is scheduled for launch in early March 2018.

For more information, contact sales director Søren Mosevang, Hosta Industries at or on tel. +45 4011 1799.