New investment allows for greater quality!


At Hosta Industries, we have had a good half year and continue to move forward. Among other things, this year we celebrate 45 years since the business was founded, as well as reaching 90 employees and boosting production capacity to ensure further development.
At the end of June, we will end our financial year with a growth of approx. 8%. This is consistent with our desire for organic and stable growth, which allows us to do things properly and at a pace that helps both us and our customers evolve.

New 3D measuring machine
We understand that quality is one of the most important parameters for our customers. It is an area where we see demands getting higher and higher, and tolerances lower and lower. We have invested in a 3D measuring machine – a ZEISS Accura – which will help boost our expertise and document the quality of the products. Furthermore, it allows us to offer measurement reports and increased documentation of product quality. We will offer this new service – for our customers’ products as well – from September 2018.

 Read more about 3D measurement


New website – focus on the entire value chain
We have successfully launched our new website, which highlights the opportunities and skills that we offer at Hosta Industries. In terms of capacity, technology and skills, we focus on case studies and solutions that have helped our customers develop.

Kundedefineret pakning - Hosta Industries A/S

When you choose Hosta Industries as your partner, we offer various supply chain services. Among other things, we offer assembly and packaging on several levels, focusing on quality, delivery and orderliness at all stages of the process. Our services also include surface treatment, technical optimisation, and storage and delivery of finished items to fit exactly with the further processing done by our customers.

We have some customers who need special packing kits for specific delivery points. We are able to ensure proper labelling, packing for shipping, and guarantee that the client can maintain anti-terrorism-approved supplies.
This frees up time and storage space for the customer.

Case: Effective production optimization and capacity

Optimering af produkt - Hosta Industries A/S

A Danish truck equipment manufacturer needed to outsource production to a partner in order to free up capacity for their own assembly department.
At Hosta Industries, we were able to gear up capacity according to customer needs and contribute to the further development of the product through efficient production techniques, optimisation of design and construction and the right type of surface treatment.
Through the outsourcing of production to Hosta Industries, the customer was able to increase capacity in their own assembly department and reduce turnaround time for a truck from 75 to 23 hours. A saving of almost 70%, which generated additional sales for the customer.


At Hosta Industries, we are pleased to see a positive development for our customers, our partners and ourselves – and look forward to continued collaboration after the summer holidays.

We will be closed for holidays in weeks 29, 30 and 31, but will be ready to receive your inquiries again from 6th August.
We wish everyone a great summer!


Best regards,

Søren Mosevang, Sales Director
Hosta Industries A/S
+45 40 11 17 99