New Installation is the first of its kind in Scandinavia


The last 8 years have provided a steady growth for Hosta Industries. In fact, new and existing customers have contributed to a growth rate of more than 300%. This creates challenges in the entire organization and bottlenecks in the production. But with an organizational change by the 1st of August 2018 and a massive investment in the bottleneck of the production, Hosta is prepared for the anticipated growth in the years to come.

Increases the capacity with +25%
For more than 20 years, laser cutting of plates has been a vital part of the production palette at Hosta. Today, Hosta commands more than four plate lasers and a punch, and with the biggest single investment of the company to date, Hosta has taken a step up in capacity and automation level. Just now, the preliminary initiatives to the installation of a new plate laser with belonging Antil automatic plate storage have been carried out. The solution serves an existing and a new laser cutter from Bystronic. All parties are enthusiastic about this solution as the new installation is the first of its kind in Scandinavia. The installation will begin later this year and the plate laser is expected to be completely implemented by February 2019.

Ambitions of better service
In this period, the investment and installation of the new plate laser creates extra pressure on the capacity in our plate department, but with extended working hours in the production we do not expect that it creates additional bottlenecks. When the entire system is fully implemented, it results in greater flexibility and lower turnaround time since a transition is reduced from 15-20 minutes to about five minutes. This allows smaller series, shorter turnaround time and thus better service to our customers.

Publication of annual accounts 2017/2018
Investments in education, quality and strict management of delivery times have borne fruit. The quality of Hosta has moved up yet another level, which is mirrored in the operations. Everybody at Hosta can be proud of the effort that has been put into it and the results thereof.

With the latest investments in the organization and new technologies, we have, compared to the preceding years, reduced the expectations of the result in the years to come, but this does certainly not mean that there is no progress. Exactly these investments are building blocks for further growth and expanded business areas for Hosta.