Management Change at Hosta Industries A/S

In recent years, the development at Hosta Industries A/S has provided growth, changes and new initiatives among other things. In the past 6 months, a new management has fallen into place and the roles have settled in. Focus points and tasks have been determined and therefore, it is now time for the management and owners Søren and Christian Mosevang to initiate a new strategy for Hosta Industries A/S.

The new strategy also leads to new changes. This means that both owners will have new and different focuses, the attention is directed to these specific focuses and the interplay between these creates a solid flow. Søren Mosevang, former Sales Director, assumes the position of CEO at Hosta Industries A/S and thereby acquires the responsibility to run the parent group and ensure, that every day proceeds as planned. In this way, one of Søren’s most important tasks is to develop the organization as well as the employees. Christian Mosevang, former CEO, assumes the position of Business Development Director, where the primary focus will consist of developing the business areas that are already affiliated to Hosta Industries, but also identification of new companies or services that can complement and develop the already existing operations in the group.


The dynamic and striving towards development that characterizes Hosta Industries is mirrored in new initiatives and with the new strategy, we hope to continue the positive process. With a focused perspective on the operation and the further development at Hosta Industries A/S and with the latest changes and investments, we can take a bigger responsibility in the partnership with our customers. We combine the latest knowledge and the latest technologies with more than 40 years of experience and stability to become the leading company within our field in favor of our customers. “Integrity” is one of the most important values at Hosta Industries A/S and to be able to produce and deliver a proper product and provide proper customer service and guidance in the process requires strong teamwork with the customers. We want to function as sparring partner and develop with the customers. We believe that this is the way to achieve the best result for us as well as for the customers. With the management change at Hosta Industries A/S, we are ready to do our best to produce and deliver satisfactory results.