Focus on growth and optimisation – for us and our customers


First and foremost, we at Hosta Industries would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. We hope you enjoyed the holidays! Allow us to take this opportunity to wind up 2016 by telling you a little about what is in store for the year to come.

2016 brought further growth to Hosta Industries and exciting investments that have prepared us for the future. We are ready to meet customer needs, which are characterised by increasingly complex projects and requests for assistance in a growing number of phases in the value chain.
Disruption turned into optimisation and development

“Disruption” was a buzzword in the industry in 2016. Disruption can be defined as rapid innovation from an unexpected angle and is seen by many as a danger that leads to lost market shares. But disruption can also lead to new opportunities if you are able to adapt to the technological development and the new reality.


It can be difficult to adapt to a new reality overnight, but the whole organisation need not be turned upside down. You can start small by looking the methods you use for production today. Are there other processes that can make an existing product better, faster or cheaper? Or can the product satisfy customers’ needs better and make the company stronger tomorrow? Are new materials, new qualities, new production methods needed – or perhaps something entirely different? We have solid experience in helping our customers develop and/or optimise their products.

Investing in the future

Development of new processes and product optimisation – for us and our customers – must furthermore be ensured through further technological development of our machinery. The mantra “work smarter, not harder” must permeate our approach to our work – in terms of both processes and technology.

We witnessed the very latest in plate working when we visited the EuroBLECH fair in Hannover last October, and we have now invested in a new fibre laser, Bystronic Bystar 10 kW, which is being installed in our plate department at this very moment. The new fibre laser allows better, faster and cheaper cutting of plates. With the rising cost of steel, it is important to focus on optimisation, so we use the material in the best possible way and streamline the plate working.

As a turnkey supplier, we have noted a growing demand for assistance in more and more phases of our customers’ value chain – including assembly, warehousing etc. For that reason, we have invested in a nearby warehouse and production hall that gives us an additional 2,300 m2, so come March this year, we will have a total of 15,300 m2 of production space at our disposal.

Critical skill building

The Confederation of Danish Industries wrote that having the right employee skills is critical if Danish companies are to adopt and exploit new technologies. We would not be where we are today without skilled staff, and we know how important it is to ensure constant skill building. That is why we invested considerable resources last quarter in skill building, and we will continue to have full focus on this area. We simply must stay ahead in this area – not just to meet customers’ quality and plate working demands, but also in order to motivate and retain staff, as professional development is a crucial factor in job satisfaction.

Skill building will also be on the agenda when we take part in Industrisamarbejdet’s Danish Championship in Skills stand later in January. The aim is to ensure that even more motivated and talented young people choose a vocational education – preferably in our industry.

In short, we are looking forward to a 2017 that brings with it a host of exciting challenges. Our goal is to be your skilled partner in the entire value chain – from concept, development and optimisation, to production, assembly and warehousing.