A new year with steely determination

Dear Customers and Partners,

A new year is often the occasion to look forward, and we at Hosta Industries certainly will, but we would like to use this first newsletter of the year to look back on a challenging 2020. We were tested by challenges we never thought we would overcome. Whether it was the uncertainty of rising steel prices, a global pandemic or an overheated capacity in the industry that made competition for steel solutions tougher in all markets we do not know. But we won our battles and lived up to our ambitions.

And so we find ourselves lucky up here in Northern Denmark. Despite multiple challenges over the course of the past 12 months, we succeeded in keeping our customer platform intact in the markets where we are represented. We believe we have our long list of references and unique production setup, which our many customers and suppliers appreciate, to thank for this. We are close to our market, and our location in Hjallerup means we have ferries in our back yard, an airport in our front yard, and the E45 motorway at our front door. Our setup is optimal in every way, and we benefit from it each and every day. Will most definitely continue to do so in 2021 – and hopefully we can wave goodbye to Covid-19.

Throughout the pandemic, we have helped many companies level out fluctuations in their incoming orders by offering maximum flexibility and short delivery times. And we are happy to have been able to help with extra capacity and tailored solutions when called for. At Hosta Industries, we are in close contact with our customers. Together we regularly improve on our cooperation, so our customers experience faster lead times in production, which allows them to remain competitive. Therefore, we are always at the disposal of both new and existing customers and suppliers for a non-binding chat about a potential collaboration. Maybe we can help your process, or you can enlighten us on a new area? Whatever the topic, you can always get in touch with one of our capable employees at www.hosta-industries.com/contact.

Our fantastic partnerships and great relationships with customers and suppliers alike mean the world to us here at Hosta Industries. And with focus on integrity, quality and development, we now look forward to 2021 with renewed energy and steely determination.

Enjoy your day!