Worn out – not us, but our CNC machine

Worn out – not us, but our CNC machine

When Hosta Industries invested in the first CNC machining centre ten years ago, the idea was that it would be a good thing to have. And it has to be said, it was. Ten years ago, I’d have said we’d never wear this type of machine out, yet the years have passed. We’ve brought in a few more machines and now we’ve worn the first one out. So, in line with the right to early retirement, we’re now saying farewell to a CNC machine for the first time in the company’s history. Fortunately, the machine has been kind to our employees, since from day one it’s been operated by a robot. We’ve therefore invested in a new CNC machine centre with a clear objective – this machine must also wear out.


TEAMS meetings: Non-stop operations – we press on 24/7

If there’s something coronavirus has taught us, it’s that our many physical meetings can be turned into digital meetings. At Hosta Industries, we’re now experts at Microsoft Teams, maintaining good contact with our customers, partners and suppliers, while keeping the required distance. For example, if you need extra capacity for your monopunches, we can offer a digital meeting to review your products. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact Anders Bo on +45 9828 1677 or Lars Martin on +45 8177 6222


Just 3 days’ lead time for laser-cut sheet and tube

We have recently expanded our sheet and tube department at Hosta Industries with major results, further cutting the lead time. Having had a good spell with our seven lasers running at full operation and good results in our high-bay warehouse, the bottlenecks we experienced earlier in production have been minimised. So, we can now offer laser cutting with lead times as short as 3 working days depending on material type and order quantity.


Consolidation and changes in ownership

At Hosta Industries, the Covid-19 crisis has been a good opportunity for us to consolidate the business. The management board of directors have become more closely involved in operations and Søren Mosevang has stepped down from his ownership role. It was a big decision for the two brothers, Christian and Søren, who have run the business together for many years, but everyone agreed it was the right decision for the business and its continued development and growth. The changes have been welcomed by customers, employees and suppliers and Hosta Industries has now emerged as one of Denmark’s leading suppliers to the metal industry in both Denmark and its neighbouring countries.

Ready to be better equipped…

At Hosta Industries, we work actively with the concept of “Partnership Manufacturing”, which means we focus on being a sparring partner for your process and product design. We are therefore always ready to discuss a possible partnership – with both new and existing customers and suppliers. Together, we can optimise the whole value chain and improve your product and results. We’re always ready to be better equipped and thereby gain more expertise in new areas.

Contact us on +45 9828 1677 for a non-binding chat about what we can do for you.

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